Predators 2010

Predators (2010) มหากาฬพรีเดเตอร์

Predators 2010

Predators  Royce awakens to find himself lost in an unknown jungle. He meets others who are stranded in the same way: Los Zetas cartel enforcer Cuchillo, Spetsnaz soldier Nikolai, IDF sniper Isabelle, RUF officer Mombasa, San Quentin death row inmate Stans, Yakuza member Hanzo and general practice physician Edwin. All of them are armed and deadly killers (with the exception of Edwin) however, nobody knows where they are nor the reason for their presence.

The group is led by Royce who Isabelle believes is an ex- black operations soldier turned an mercenary. In the forest, they discover an odd statue, a plant containing the neurotoxic poison that Edwin takes out with scalpel as well as empty cages and deadfall traps that were set by a dead Green Beret. They ascend higher to see an alien sky.

A pack of quadruped creatures from another planet attack the group. Royce discovers that they’re living on a planet in which humans and other species are hunted. Cuchillo is killed, and his body can be used to lure survivors into a trap and escape. The group tracks the beasts’ tracks to a camp where it finds an escaped Predator. The group is attacked by three “Super Predators”, known as the Tracker Berserker Falconer, Tracker Berserker and Falconer. Mombasa is killed, but the remainder of their group escapes. Isabelle is able to identify the Predator in the same way as the description of a comparable beast that killed a special operation team in 1987 in Guatemala and was defeated by a single survivor.

The group encounters Ronald Noland, a solitary U.S. Air Cavalry soldier and survivalist Ronald Noland is encountered by the group. He leads the group to his home and explains how the Predators hunt in threes, sharpening their kill skills by abducting warriors and dangerous beasts from other realms and returning them to earth. Noland further reveals that there’s a blood feud between the smaller and larger Predators. Royce comes up with a plan to free the smaller Predator who is being held in prison, in the hope of bringing the larger Predators’ spaceship.

Noland is able to trap the other prisoners and attempts to use smoke to kill them. He intends to take them all down to protect their equipment. Royce makes use of an explosive to draw the Predators into the hideout. Noland is killed by the Tracker Predator, which then releases the group. In the ensuing chase, Nikolai uses two claymore mines to kill the Tracker, sacrificing himself. The Berserker is able to stop the rest of the group. Stans diverts the group by slashing it with his Shiv. The other members are able to escape , and are killed. Hanzo stays behind to fight the Falconer Predator using the Katana that he found inside the Noland’s hideout. He later dies of his wounds.

Royce, Isabelle and Edwin continue their quest toward the Edwin, Royce and Isabelle continue their journey towards the Super Predators camp to try to enact Royce’s plan. Edwin is then injured by a trap. Royce and Isabelle abandon one another after Isabelle is unable to comply with Edwin’s request to be abandoned. They are captured by the Berserker who locks them in a pit, and returns to camp. Royce liberates the imprisoned Predator to transport them to Earth. The Predator puts on his armor, and then attacks Super Predators’ ship with his wrist computer. This sets a direction towards Earth. Royce runs towards the ship when the Berserker arrives, and the two Predators engage in a battle. The Berserker is able to take out and kill the smaller Predator before using his wrist-computer to destroy the ship, purportedly killing Royce. Edwin is unable to control Isabelle using the neurotoxic poison. He also discloses that on Earth it is where he has become an infamous serial murderer and is planning to remain on the planet as it’s the only place where he is able to feel normal. Royce appears and stabs Edwin using his scalpel, which paralyzes him.

Royce Booby traps Edwin with grenades, using him as bait to injure the other Predator. Isabelle is crawling for her sniper rifle, while Royce fights the Berserker with an axe. Isabelle shoots at the Predator and Royce kills it. As Royce and Isabelle sit down, they watch parachutes rising in the sky. Royce and Isabelle are convinced that Predators are soon coming to hunt for new prey. They set off into the jungle to find “a solution to escape this fucking world”.

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